Ramadhan Kareem #self_composed

Self Composed 🙂

Opening the doors of paradise..
Arrives..Ramadhan with the sparkling…moonrise..
The month of Rehmat..
The righteous path to hiqmat..
Allah (swt)’s light..
Seems to surround earth…like satellites..FB_IMG_1465800910410
The watchman who bangs the door..
To wake u up from your snores..
Awestruck time of Tahajudh’s Nuur..
The breaking dawn to Suhuur..
All gates close to hell fire..
The fasts that eradicates all wordly desires..
Lips that are laden with dua..
Seeking forgiveness & tauba..
The wait for the iftaar..
Is a moment at par..
The siren & strike of the gong..
As you break the fast along..
The delicacies of Khajlaa-Jalbee-Phainee..
Truly this month brings blessings so many..
The mosque lit up lights.
Are a must see sight..
People rushing for Taraweeh..
Seeking Allah’s mercy..
The Quranic recitation…
Fills your soul with gratification..
From Allah we may never part…
May it bring taqwah to our hearts…
Thankfully we are under a peaceful Roof..
No calamity or war troops..
So as you make your prayers..
Remember our near & dear ones we care..
Mention those who are in despair..
From Gaza to Chechnya..
Syria to Nigeria..
Iraq to Kashmir..
May everyone be each other’s peer..
Nepal Earthquake victims..
Peshawar killed kith & kin..
May this month..
Bring peace for the human race..
And be a better place…
May Harmony be mainstream..
Ramadhan Kareem

Do remember me n my family in ur duas


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RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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