What’s going on!

It may sound cliche, as almost all bloggers/vloggers would say this… “that they wanted to be on this platform, but were very apprehensive about it! ”

Well am not different , and perhaps my apprehension time was even more longer. From days that elongated to weeks to months to years , finally I am here with all the trivia.

See, you can make out that I am so talkative and started jabbering even before introducing myself and throwing some wavelength of light on this space.

The blogger is called… Taleha Khan, a pakka Delhite, creative at heart, bubbly chirpy at soul, you could find me roaming down the streets of Delhi with my best buddy- my mobile, and noting down ideas that strike my mind.

So that means, am I a journalist? well no, am a software engineer by profession, radio jock and blogger by passion (hope you paid heed above,that I am creative at heart ;)). People say I have the gift of the gab, lets see…that’s up to my dear readers!

A Disclaimer though: Now that I have started my most beloved passion , am actually so much in love with it, that it’s going to shower all over … so Happy Reading! Stay Tuned… 

Coming Up Next…loads of trivia… !


Published by

RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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