#DIY #LowCal Healthy Fruit Smoothie

It’s a Sunday Evening…and I am in no mood to have the regular tea considering its already so hot…boiling like tea… and I am quite bored with cold coffee and ice tea…now…but then my heart is craving to have some beverage…

So I open the refrigerator door and have a sneak peak…and then into my kitchen cabinet…and yayyy! I got my solution…

Found these things…and am sorted…So here I share a very simple reciepe…that is low-calorie and yet #yum_in_the_tum….keeps you full….and taste buds satisfied…

And if you wanna know how I made this smoothie…keep reading…


1 cup water

Any fruit of choice (except citrus fruits)

1 small packet or 1/2 cup sweet flavoured oats/ plain white oats/muesli/wheat flakes/corn flakes

1 tbsp honey or brown sugar or jaggery (optional)

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla essence (optional)

1 tbsp combined of seeds (pumpkin,melon,cucumber,sunflower) (optional)

whey protein (optional)

1/2 cup Fruit yogurt/greek yogurt/plain curd/cream separated milk/soy milk

Dry Fruits of choice (optional)

Blender/mixer/shaker bottle

SERVES 1 person.


Firstly…wash and cut any fruit of your choice..here am using Mango..

Now add your favourite cereal…here am using a small packet of sweet flavoured oats and adding to the bowl of freshly cut fruit

Now mix the two well alternatively you can put the fruit and cereal one after the other in the blender jar itself, but I find it better to mix in a bowl first…and pour in the blender jar…

Now add milk/fruit yogurt/curd/soy milk, here am adding plain home curd or dahi as well call it… to the above mix in the blender jar…and mix well…

Now add some honey or brown sugar or sugar syrup or jaggery powder. This is optional and I prefer not to add any sweetener as fruits have natural sugar called fructose.But here am adding honey as had to share the drink with guests at home.

Now add a spoon full of chia seeds

Mix all ingredients. Now if you want you can add some dry fruits flakes,vanilla essence,whey protein,seeds mixture,ice-cream,cream,spoon full of condensed milk etc. at this stage.It’s totally up to you.I have skipped all this as I did not feel like having all this in my smoothie.

Now add some water for a good blending consistency. Since I do not have a blender but a mixture , I needed a full cup of water , but in a blender very little water would do the needful.Also if you have added milk in place of curd, water would not be required.

Now its time to blend all ingredients together.

Blend …blend..blend for about 3-5 minutes until you achieve the desired consistency…

And…now its time to pour and drink it up…:)


-Skip sweetener if the fruit is sweet in taste like mangoes and bananas

-Do not add water if you use soy milk or milk or watery curd

-Best time to have would be before a workout or empty stomach in the evening.

-on a detox day, I find it tough to eat fruits all day , so I use this recipe and keeps me full.


-Digestive and packed with fibre and nutrients

-Tastes yummy and low on calories

-Contains dietary fibre, omega-3,protein and antioxidants

Stay tuned to ohhsomeblog.com for more such DIYs:)


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