Mingle Tea Contest Winners 

Finally after running the contest for a fortnight…and getting so many amazing responses everyday was so surreal!

The fact that these two weeks , we got over 150 views, over 90 likes and so many enteries that mingled us in the conversation… made it a tough call…

I remember being on the other side as a reader and wondering Ohh when will I be lucky and win… now I know how tough it is to decide… thanks to Mingle Tea for doing the job confessing me how like a cached-22 situation has it been …

Incase you have not won today , dont worry because I have loads of giveaways lined up and each one is going to be even more exciting…

So without any further adieu…here are the #teatales winners…and their enteries

Nivedita Sharma from zeal4zenith 

You can read the full post here Also i went through her blog  you should totally follow it , some amazing posts she writes.

Winner#2 Kriti Mahajan Instagram

Gurl…your conversation with Mom was totally captivating …or should i say mingling 🙂

Winner#3 Shivani Jain instagram

Not only this reader of ours participated but motivated others too.Plus we got to know that tea is the driving force of every successful lady 😉

Winners please mail us your details so that Mingle Tea can dispatch your gifts on time.

I wish we could have many more winners and I could keep talking about all enteries…but then this is just the debut and there is something real exciting lined up. 

Thanks a milli zilli billi tonnes to each one of you for participating and to Mingle Tea for the #chaiversity we have experienced.

If you want to know more about Mingle Tea read here.

Until you hear from your blogger buddy again,stay tuned to this space and all social media for exciting stuff coming your way!


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