A PASSIONate Autobiography

A PASSIONate Autobiography


I have had varied interests right from my childhood days and am sure all around people undergo the same scenario.
But then its just a few of the persistent tastes that stay forever with you and then they become your passions.
Passion is always heartfelt.Its something phenomenal and when you conquer the arena of your passion it becomes an inevitable part of your life.

When i was a child was to explore my world around and be inquisitive about all around me!

As i grew up and was stumbled upon with the doors of the first step to school my exploring passion now turned to exploring things that my teachers used to teach me.

School days…ohhh la la…indeed its the bestest phase of a person and the passion is to learn and as these days turn to the public examinations that’s the boards then its all about the cut throat competition and i oh so miss the board exam days!
And i just skipped out here it was here that i discovered my inclination towards creative writing,anchoring and of course Radio.
Those days are now far away but left umpteen number of mesmerising memories.

Life unfolds and opens another interesting venture of the college life which has varsity of passions associated with it.
The passion here i dealt with and yes mind the word dealt cause this was actually a tough one and it was Striving for success.
As i roamed around the DU streets i found a similar passion sparkling in the eyes of all the passionate people who wanted to be a DUIte!
Of course i enjoyed my grad and masters and had wonderful set of friends for whom spending time with became my passion.
And my aforesaid passions writing anchoring and radio remain my bosom friends always throughout this journey and brought in me extracting more of the creative juices from me.
I saw the so many parameters of the world that were not the pink ones as i used to think the world to be while i was in school and it was post the school era that i learnt that gray and black and deep dark shades of life.
Some bitter to taste and some thorned to swallow!
And here my passion became to accept challenges and be independent and this is when i was almost through with my masters and this is the present era.
Trust me this sucks big time and sometimes you feel like extricating and have a sweet escape but then this is the one you cant tether from; all you can is to let the hand of god do some magic.
Here is when your passions turn to goals and cornerstones of life.
And here is when i have learnt and would not suggest but advice all that one should always follow the heart but apply brains alongside.
My passion now remains to be who i am…yes you got that right!
I don’t want to mould myself as per people and situations and fake it all.I just want to be who i am and be accepted as who i am.
I want the world to know me by my qualities and applaud my genuintity.I want me,myself to be my biggest asset.
I don’t wish to change as how people want me to change but i want to stand out of the crowd and i don’t care about the world criticising it!
And as the days pass by i just chase the many passions that each brings it to me!

A piece of gyan……
“Make your passion..
Your fashion statement”

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RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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