After a long break

After a long break…

Time … yes it flies..Memories stay alive…you are on a voyage of ideas…It’s like all around you get inspired…Maybe your inner voice calls you..Sometimes you listen to your heart..Its like a never ending explosion of thoughts..You are streamed infusion of whispers..Drenched in the turbulence..Cloud of mysteries..a hailstorm of change.. 

Indeed its been a long long longissshhhh time… i have been here… but writing on this blog has been at the back of my mind ever single day.
Around me …everything that happens.. seemed to propel me to write on the blog..
But just couldn’t get the right moment to write it all out..
Writing has been my passion…my love..and been a rescue to whatever i feel and think…i vent it all out..
Most importantly the thoughts come straight from my heart… sparingly fountain my mind…and connect to my soul..and it all erupts out in the form of words..
just wish to keep everything flowing…simply natural…that’s what’s the taliscope is all about..
I have been quite frequent on my FB account that’s the social media junction..where all happen to traverse day in day out…
This year has been filled up with wide changes…right from college life to workplace..and that defines it all..
I was wondering the other day ..was it just a little while ago when i was yet in school..when boards seem to be the biggest nightmares..
or perhaps the mixed feeling you feel when its your Bid-Goodbye phase of farewells…
Once you are in one phase crave to be in someone else’s all school/college going have have some unexplored dreams..and you feel that soon you shall fetch them…
I guess every passing instance..changes them..situational mood swings i guess!!
No but writing has always been and In Sha Allah shall always be on my passionate list!
So out of college…and into the corporate world…at the outset…a seemingly tempting phase..but nonetheless…its more of a challenging phase..
And i cant stop myself using an apt yet favourite word ..its like the REINCARNATION…its like a series of changes..
So here i 1+ experienced… portraying it all..listening to Zephyretta…and that kind of ignited my thoughts..that’s how this post comes..
But just to keep myself charged up..and keep you our traditional Indian Operas do…to be continued…


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RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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