Stary Eyed Surprise

Stary Eyed Sunrise 🙂

“You light the skies…up above me
A star so bright…you blind me..
Don’t close your eyes..
Don’t fade away…
Don’t fade away”

Mesmerising lyrics by Take That…and that’s what i feel when i see the starlit sky..yes like a child with sparkling dreams in her eyes..i look upto the sky..sometimes i count them..sometimes i search for a falling star..sometimes i trace the meteors..sometimes i focus on the moon..and gaze at the craters..sometimes i feel telescopic(would sound witty)..and try to search with my naked eye..the planets…and how can i forget to mention…you chase and trail the blaze of the stars and find out that you made a pattern..and woaahhh…you just discovered a constellation..
Perhaps that’s why we compare every achievement as plucking stars off the sky …
So i am observing am under stardom..and i feel the bliss of the Almighty above..the caricature of the stars..and maybe as geography defines it well..and science figured out ..that the stars are fire ablaze…far away from us and petite as they seem..aren’t they so temptingly attractive..:)
And i recently read this…that nature has everything that if one ponders…actually comprehend a meaning..and that is so true..
We always try to chase things that are far away to us…and we adore the divinity of the farthest and probably invincible things around us..that could be material or immaterial..isn’t that so very true?
In our Hindi Metaphors we call it “Duur Ke Dhol Suhawaney Lagte hain :|”

This trailblaze leaves us in the vicious circles of patterns that we follow ..and while the constellation of ambitions are just infront of us..
Th innumerable of desires in our hearts cant ever come to an end…just like counting the trillions of stars in the sky…these wishes that reside in our mind…cant be counted..they are infinite and keep enhancing every passing moment…’
Sometimes something unusual that might not connect with us yet out of this world holds significance for us…and we seem to feel lucky about it…after witnessing it… just like the shooting star…
I would have stolen words from your mind..if i say that sometimes we wish to hope against hope and perhaps…that’s what witnessing planets from the naked eye is all about..and i wouldn’t deny the fact that we get lucky as well..
And in times of distress …its these stars i look upto and they cheer me up…and say “All the stars are coming out tonight..they are lightening up the sky tonight…for you ;)”
Seems so unreal..but take my upon me..try it for shall feel so…
Inspired by Stars…Inspired by the nature..Brought to you by the Taliscope…:)


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RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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