What I have been Upto??

So the past few months have been pretty hectic , and I have been working on a lot of things.

-Revamping my social media

-Working on my branding

-Attending almost every live event possible

-Attending webinars and seminars

-Speaking at events and networking

and  ofcourse am a full time software engineer

Been working like crazy for straight 20-22 hours a day. Now the extent of my passion for blogging and youtube has arisen so much so that even this passion haunts my dreams.

At the end of the day , I have so many new ideas and doubts that I see them answered in my dreams.

The addiction and the quest to revamp my blog, has struck me quite a lot. Everyone around asks how do you manage so many things together and I have one answer, its the passion that drives me!

So keeping my post a lil crsip, will be writing soon on some tips and tricks I learnt, events attended and a revamped new blog soon!

Till then stick around, stay tuned 🙂


Published by

RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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