NBT Flavours Fest: A Yummly Combination of Music & Food 

The festive weekend is here and everywhere we can see people just buying #diwali gifts and shopping..

Keeping this in mind and letting your celebrations be extended Delhi Food Walks and Navbharat Times bring to you a sangam of sangeet and khana at the heart of the city. Fortunately I got to visit it today and was totally captivated with the plethora of culture all around!

FYI: 15th October happens to be the last day


Yes we do eat all fancy nomenclatured food everyday at all brand names but jo baat street food ki haina… 😉 wo shayad kisi fancy food item me nahi…. 


We all know how these food fests bring people together cause your taste buds and tummy are united by one language… and thats what all foodies are well aquainted with.

Located at the nomadic haat at Baba Kharak Singh Marg ,Connaught Place arey wo sadda Rivoli Cinema k saamne… bas wahin you will see colourful ribbons decorated shamiyanas and all the food and cultural stalls.

The best part I liked was that it was not too elaborate ,short and sweet and bringing the best street foods from the city.

For Example: Bistro 57 which I have seen at Brahmaputra Market at Noida which happens to serve pocket friendly yummy shakes and fusion food featured too.

Now ideally unless you have been to Noida or a food enthusiast you wouldn’t explore Bistro 57.

Similarly ,KB’s Moonglet is Ohh-So Yummy I bet even the original omellette would shy away in glory.

Remember that cycle wale bhaiya who used to bring the coiled sticky magic sugar candy strands, that too is available there to take you on a trip down memory lanes.
The piping hot Ande ka Fanda at Ramphal Omellette Corner is worth all the wait! Their cheese and dry fruit omellette is just too hard to resist!

Incase you are a health councious freak , toh aapke liye bhi khaas dhyan rakha gaya hai.Enjoy healthy freshly pressed juices at the health juice bar.

Hence ,this is a wonderful effort to bring best street foods at one place so that everyone gets a fair chance to enjoy these yummy foods.

I also enjoyed the performance by Indeep Bakshi all thanks to NBT Rangmannch. 

Ok, so if you are Ohh-So gurly like me and Cultural Samagam me aaye hain toh kuch jhumke tey baaliyan lene ka vichaar hai , that too has been taken care of. You would find some fusion jewellery and also some handicrafts and Skin Care products made by prisoners. Yes, you read it right!

To sum it up:

UBTAN FROM Antarkranti




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