As the festive week flutters it’s wings and we enter the Diwali Week, I was all pepped up in the #happy spirits!

Ready to float in the week with some chirpy stuff..but as soon as I woke up and checked Facebook notifications, and scrolled down the timeline posts , my eyes caught sight to a trending hashtag! #MeToo!

Going through it , just spoiled my mood and made me realize that the dormant volcano of something that always induces fears inside us was getting active.

Now I have a habit of doing research and going through the Root Analysis before I can hit publish on my blog post so that I can counter check on my findings.

Today this research ,just appalled me , cause #MeToo is getting so viral and flooding the social media , but guess what it represents…that most of us have been a victim of assault some or the other time in our lives.

I wouldn’t however say that its country or gender specific, rather one common factor that has knit it all has been whipping off the illusion of freedom with the holocaust of  misfortune!

Yes #MeToo runs around women who across the world are  showing they have been #harassed and #assaulted. But the counter has been rising high and high just sending you chills down your spine.


Just Facebook , one source of social media shows an alarming number, in just few hours of the #MeToo being viral.


Now am sure if you have read it till here, you might be recalling some incident that you have seen or heard or have undergone! But the story doesn’t end here, what associates with it is best told as follows:


People from all walks of life have confessed of being traumatized in some or the other way and have been asked to keep mum about it! I wonder why should one remain silent to any kind of injustice,cause isn’t that a way of encouraging the tyrants. 


I truly agree to what’s written above , cause no one and let me re-write , bold and underline it …NO ONE, has arrived in this world without the turmoil of labor pain being faced by his/her mother. Is there any relation above a mother? 
If we start realizing this one fact , we cannot imagine to disrespect women, forget about abusing them.


I know for a fact that no matter how truly heartening or deadly any incident may sound , unless we have seen,heard or faced it, we never ever understand the intensity behind it.

But how callous do people sound ,(again not blaming just masculine gender) , when they say comments as above!

This is not the first time in history when such a movement has taken place, in the past too  a #YesAllWomen campaign  was one campaign that was on similar grounds.

What matters IS NOT….

  • just making a post viral,

  • bringing some incident to notice,

  • doing candle marches for justice ,

  • feeling the pain or crying in tears for the victim…

  • remaining silent to atrocity


 infact to standup against it and let the world heal from all these misfortunes.

Do we wish to keep the future generations caged or live in a world where we have to think twice before stepping out of our homes and where trust becomes an extinct trait??

So are we waiting for even more wrath to happen? 

Is the counter of #MeToo still less ??

Just tell me how do you feel when someone near or dear one to you today confesses #MeToo?? 




Published by

RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

4 thoughts on “#MeToo”

  1. The response to the metoo hashtag has been amazing, although not exactly surprising that so many women have stories. I am glad that this has prompted women to speak up about their experience and come together in solidarity. Thank you for writing about this.

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  2. Do you know, practically, many men like to read personal assaulting stories of women and in turn enjoy them with little bit of perversion ?? If almost every women writes a #Metoo story, then it will become nothing but a psycho sexual fantasy reading and there is a danger that every one opines that oh ! it is common , what’s wrong with it ?? Good or bad Men will be men !!!


  3. Well said Talz….I completely agree with your thought that we need to standup against this for justice…Mere viralling #MeToo tag on social media will not do anything…

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