The Mobility Series #TMS : Overview

The Mobility Series #TMS : Overview


The modern day world has gone Tic Tac Tech. We are surrounded by Gadgets & Gizmos.The #hastags are the new on trend.The market is flooded with devices of all sizes and configurations.A simple touch and you are connected to a whole new world.The plethora of technology does not end here.Perhaps you own the best of the gadget today loaded with the best of the app, and tomorrow it would turn obsolete. The key about our technology world is to be spontaneous and have the ability to cross the 9 3/4 platform that is visible and accessible to you.The magic of which , the universe can see , but always be landed in a curiosity drive as in how did it happen?
You have to be the #wizard , in sync with the technology trend and blend the gray matter of your brain to toggle ideas.

The classification of these gadgets is in itself a broad spectrum that will leave you asking for more. You would come across dynasties of variations and flavors.Lets focus on the Mobile World.
I would sound cliche , if I had to illustrate the indispensability of this gadget available in oodles around.A gadget that no one has been spared of.I call it THE TECHNOLOGY OXYGEN. Ponder upon it for once!

Yes , it is the sustained of life . You wake up to the sound the alarm call set in your mobile overnight.Some even use it as Personal Digital Assistant.Maybe you would not brush your teeth , but check your social media apps and catch up with the updates.Who has the time to sit and turn on a laptop or PC and wait to get connected.We are on a marathon.We are on a fast pace. Certainly to make sure everything is synchronous , everything has to be in place.

In other words , we need superior QUALITY in the niche of time. We need the mobile apps to be totally perfect.Thus, giving the end user a happy experience. Now, let’s get all the jigsaw pieces together and solve the riddle:

Piece#1: A Software Engineer
Does it click? Clubbing them.Well it implies for a BUG FREE mobile application.
An acronym of which I have derived, MOBILE + QUALITY = MOBILITY.


That’s what we all want , MOBILITY on the go!

Let’s roll the red carpet for the #TMS series where we explore the world of Mobile Apps Testing starting from the scratch.This is a QUALITY ASSURANCE journey into the mobile world!

Stay Tuned!

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