Delhi’s Biggest Bloggers Carnival

Markitiers in association with Delhi Pedia and Events Mosaic has successfully hosted the second edition of Delhi’s biggest Bloggers carnival on 4th February at Founders café. The event was powered by Global Gadgets and co-powered by Blossom Kochhar. Edumorf, ED times, Insider, Imagine, Ishquiya, Sanghvi, Rossano Ferretti, Spoon University were our official partners. Merry Kaufer was our styling partner. The entire concept of the meet was to provide all the aspiring bloggers with an opportunity to learn and enhance their blogging skills from the experience and wisdom of some of the most renowned bloggers of the town. Prominent bloggers like Aakriti Jaiswal, sahib singh, Gursakhi Lugani, Taleha Khan, Anuj tikku and Tushar mangl had featured at the event. The attendees of the event were indeed benefited by the sessions taken by such aspiring personalities on different aspects of blogging and taking it as a full time career option. The vision of the meet was to form a bloggers community.

The meet also witnessed the launch of the much awaited product, Events Mosaic- ‘One stop solution to all your event problems’. It is an event discovery and logistic application with a vision to build an event organizers community globally and also assist its development and growth. It is designed to cater to the needs of all the stakeholders involved in organizing a successful event. Events mosaic has undertaken the task of acting as a binding force of all the diverse elements of the industry. It will act as a linking chain of all the segments of the industry.

About the team:

  1. Oshikka Lumb-Oshikka is a women entrepreneur with a strong and bold vision. She is the founder of Markitiers and managing director of Events mosaic. She is currently working on her book titled, ‘And she decided not to give up’.
  2. Mr. Manan Bhalla-Manan is an engineer by profession. He is the CEO of events mosaic. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship and had left his well reputable job in a major IT company to pursue his passion.
  3. Ankush Kumar-He is a very hardworking and dedicated person. He is the director of Events mosaic.


    All of them are inspired by Steve jobs and believe in his saying that one should follow their gut more than anything else.

    In the end, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all our sponsors and media partners. The event would have not been such a big success without their support. It was our please to host you all. Thank you for coming.



    Team Markitiers


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