Well I just love to stay happy…and spread happiness all around…we all are fighting some or the other kind of battle in life…stress…tensions ..pressures…the list is endless…
The kind of life as depicted on my timelines …statuses…messages…pics etc. Is not even the 1/8th part of my day…
Everyday for me is a constant battle…to fight for my dreams…
There was a time I used to ponder on what the society shall think… What ppl will think… How will I do something??
You cannot and in fact should not make everyone around you understand why and what you wish to do… Unless they are willing to really understand you …
now I am way past it ..the demons of all sorts of obstructions still come
You shouldn’t change your goals …dreams and aspirations or stop pursuing your passions just cause someone expects so…
Yes your ways should never hurt people who matter.. yes you should always stay humble & grounded & never forget your roots…
But never stop living…!!
You have to be a warrior…with the shield of your identity!
Never put that on stake
To be honest nothing has ever come smooth in life… Infact life has taught me oodles of things… Loads of lessons the hard way…
I know still there is no day that passes by when I do get disappointments…when I dont get failures… There are days you wont find ray of hope or motivations… And in those days if you dont stand for yourself.. if you dont stand for your dreams…no one will…
You have to believe in yourself ….no matter how difficult it is… Hardwork and meticulous efforts can turn boulders to dust…
Dream Big .. Keep working Hard.. Just Listen to your conscience…
Rise Up & Shine!


Published by

RJ Talespeare

Software Engineering by profession.. Creativity by specialisation.. Writing by passion.. Radio by voice.. Poetry by choice that's how my life rejoice !! :)

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