Kyunki Marketer bhi , kabhi Intern thi !

Intent to Connect

I am a Delhite and today i.e. 25th February, while my city has been trending all over the internet and news because of the unrest around, I was looking forward to 9PM!

Yes, so far reading the first two lines of this post, you might have got a feeling of a vlog via a blog 😉 Yeah! that’s the intent! The intent is to have a connection!

Read the mathematical express if A=B, B=C then C=A, here A is your audience who become your B i.e. brand ambassadors if you have a C i.e. connection with them 🙂


This is one of the mantras I learnt today in the debut class from by DigitalDeepak internship programme. You all must be knowing about Deepak Kanakaraju, who happens to be a well renowned Digital Marketer focusing on Learn>Do>Teach.



I have learnt so much over the years from different people , sources and medium that I can’t stop terming myself as a lifelong learner! Of which I have also talked about in my Youtube Channel.

Hence, the student in me keeps finding ways to learn something new and I never stop any single day in the quest and thirst of learning something new even if it has to be being an intern or going back old school even after 8 years of work experience! Which literally reminds me of “padhna likhna seekho , ohh mehnat karne walo song :D”


Yes! , that is the ray of positivity I was looking forward to today at 9PM. Though I was super lethargic and barely had energy left for a class, but my excitement dragged me to attend the webinar that lasted for 2 hours and had a lasting impact!

That impact is what led me to write this post ! And yes, this happens to be our first assignment too!

I am sure this post will be very helpful, meaningful and insightful and you will feel the energy and synergy I am feeling at the moment hours after the class is over because if you are in any way related to the Digital World, this post will be super fruitful!

And It All Begins

Now, I believe and this is how the class even debut today with the fact that digital marketing is not just a skill, rather a life skill.

We were all asked to write our goals, and my batchmates too had written out theirs. Mine, of course, is into content creation, but whatever the goal be, especially if you are into marketing you need to understand the needs and demands. Something that definitely reminds us of economics!


The average age of the country decides the state the economy will be in! If the average age of the country becomes older , it becomes difficult for the economy to rise!


Then a few bulb-on moments happened when insights of debts and how debts actually run the economy were shared! Now, I am not going to go into the debts, because I know it could go OHT (Over Head Transmission) :D, but all I can say is that recession may or may not daunt, but it won’t ever haunt digital marketing because the key principle here is, the rise in solutions will lead to rise in marketing them 🙂 Hence, it is safe to say, if you’re into digital marketing you may be in safe hands 🙂

Toh Kya Seekha?

There have been many takeaways from the class one of which is, you always remember the first more than the second and so on, which means you know who was the first man to land on the moon ? etc.


So, yes, try to be the first but remember to be the best, as when you are the best, you would stand above the rest!

Takeaway#1: Don’t be scared to stand out, don’t try to fit in!

We all try to squeeze ourselves to blend in the peer group, system and society and eventually end up camouflaging ourselves and rip apart our individuality!


But, since we all know that in this digital era where everyone is trying to be an “influencer”, it is important to establish our own personal brand and reciprocate our personal touch! Why? Because people don’t try to connect with brands but with people and their thoughts!

Takeaway#2: Build your personal brand

Takeaway#3: Find your style, create your vibe and eventually your tribe will connect to that vibe.


I once read that content can be in the form of text, audio, video, sketches etc and that’s where our next takeaway comes from :

Takeaway#4: Publish content in different forms

This would not only keep you creative but also this way you will own the internet in multiple ways:) This would also bring out your personality out in the world as well, and digitally you know people only of what and how they portray themselves through their posts etc, when you may not know them in person.

So the internet has kind of knit us together while in reality, we are miles apart, so don’t worry if someone will judge you, cause believe you me, do whatever, the society is a test engineer – ready to find bugs in you 🙂


Takeaway#5: This one is tough, but we have to live with it! Let people judge you! They are doing their job, you do yours 😉


There is so much of cut-throat competition ( maar hi daaloge types ;)), that we need to stand out, and a great way to kickstart this is by networking and trying to build connections. An effective way to do that is by improving our conversational skills!


Just like we spend time every day to exercise called RWLS ( READING , WRITING, LISTENING, SPEAKING), we should invest in the wellbeing of our language skills by spending 30 min in reading a lot, or listening to podcasts or writing 500 words every day or watching sitcoms or even comedy:)

Once, our spoken and written skills are in place, we can focus on finding our niche audience by firstly making ourselves aware of finding our niche!

FYN Rule: Find Your Niche

A niche should primarily depend on passion , talent and market opportunity. You would be surprised that while you are mining into finding your niche you would end up finding microniches as well!


Another way to find out if your niche is actually in demand is to find out the market demand by google search or via talking to people and sometimes even online reviews tell us a lot of the pre – expectations and the post – needs, look for the loops in the journey from pre to post of the people, scratch your own itch and try to find answers and solutions in your niche! Hence, retrospect & introspect your “Mann ki Baat!”

If you would provide value to your audience they would definitely stick with you till the end!

Key Takeaway: And if that bond is robust, you will see how it radiates around in the universe, which for us earthlings 😀 is the internet! Because what goes around, comes around is nature’s way of mathematically proving LHS=RHS !


So, we were told to write a narrative in 500-2000 words, I have not even checked how many words it is that I have typed so far, but that was indeed an amazing session for me , aur aap bhi batana ke aapko ye meri zubani kaisi lagi ? 😉

29th Feb , this saturday will be the bonus day to 2020 and I am already looking forward to make judicious use of it with the internship class.

You all know that I am a storyteller and if you are aware I am quite talkative too, that why my social media handles and my blog is called “Tales by Talz”, because everything that happens in my life has a tale behind it , and I like to showcase my emotions, reviews, views, words, expressions in the form of honest tales 🙂

Hoping, this tale becomes a fable of success , on that note signing off 🙂

Keep smiling, keep shining and if you loved this post then keep sharing 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Kyunki Marketer bhi , kabhi Intern thi !”

  1. Awesome !! You’ve set the bar so high ……… we’re thrashed on the first ball …….. thankful for raising the bar!!


  2. One can make out the level of creative juices flowing in the mind of the writer will typing this post.
    I wonder the creativity in the rushes left out while editing this post.
    Great work


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