Recipe to find your ideal customer avatar

Hi, Everyone …so first of all a big big thanks to each one of you for making my last blog post a huge success.

Jab bhi I wake up in the morning and see the notification that my blog stats are booming, I feel supercharged and motivated. All Thanks to my lovely audience!


I am sure you know from the statement above that when I wake up my bed tea is in the form of mobile notifications, this is something which can help you know me better!

Now see, when you are about to get into a relationship or even into a work set-up, your debut step should be to know your partner better. The sone-pe suhaga factor here would be if you know the partner inside out from their likes to passions and how they are to others?


These are some the things that would help your relation get better and eventually you would know how to behave and make decisions around them.

This is what gave me the idea of using my class#2 assignment from the DigitalDeepak internship into something, I yearn to see every time.


For me my customer or as I like to call them, my audience is my bhaagyewaan 🙂 No other way can there be to know them better.

Hence, I decided to seize this opportunity and find out more about my audience to understand them better and hence deliver content which they love and wish to see.



So, here I am chef Talz – yours truly, sharing the recipe of finding Your Customer Avatar, aur jee Haan, ye ekdum cooking-shooking style me hee hone wala hai 🙂

Are you ready? Chalo Chalte Hain ye dish prepare karne at our Kitchen aka our Laptops or the mobile, jis se Abhi you are reading this post.



To make the best customer avatar you would first need to ask yourself the following questions?

What’s there in your ration stock?

Here you have to find out what all skills you have and what you need to buy. Here buy would refer to what all skills you need to learn more without which you cant make the recipe.

E.g. I am a content creator and say I have a mobile phone with a decent camera, but I would need to learn some SEO and marketing skills without which I cant target my audience, or maybe I have the skills but lack equipment say I would need a good mic.

which brings us to the next question

What all can I make with the ration stock?

and what all services and offerings you can provide.

E.g. If you are a singer, then singing is your skill and you can provide songs, lyrics, playback singing etc.


Who will  be my consumer

Once you know what you can offer, then the pitch is set right to know who are your target consumers. Just like you decide your recipe in the kitchen, by figuring out who will consume it based upon their likes and tastes.

So, now that all questions are answered, its time to write down the ingredient list for the Perfect Customer Avatar Recipe



  • Set of Questions – Min. 5 Max 20
  • Flowchart to depict the flow of questions – Optional but handy
  • Set of images in sync with questions – Optional
  • Open your website/social media 
  • Any survey creating tool, I used Typeform




First, we need to chop out of the unnecessary questions from our survey questionnaire and add all the rest to our pan where the survey form is steeping.


Cooking :

Now that our ingredients i.e the questions are ready, we need to follow the flowchart to add all the questions sequentially making a sense and also adding curiosity in the customer’s mind to move to the next question and not quit in between.

logic map

Here, a tip would be to add a logic jump, which means any particular answer could make the rest of the questions or few of them irrelevant for the person and thus those can be skipped and save mutual time.

Here is an example of the same:


Adding Spices & Salt:

try to add some personal touch that resonates with your business or your’s and your customer’s persona, swad-anusaar. But hey don’t make it too salty or spicey! Else koi nahi samjh payega aapka agenda!

I would suggest adding your persona to the multiple-choice questions


Tadka Garnishing:

Now, its time to garnish our recipe with some tadka of Images, although this is optional, as you might be well aware with my Instagram, I love taking pictures, toh iska tadka toh banta hai!


Test & Taste:

Being a QA Engineer, I know the importance of testing before delivering, hence it’s important for you to trial test the form and also previews before making others taste your recipe. Dekho Kahin bhool chook na reh gayi ho! It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


Plating and Culinary Arts:

So, now that our dish is ready, it’s time to Publish and share the survey questionnaire to first your very close mates, as they would pilot test and tell you how did they find it.


Another tip I would add here , and i.e just like you would decorate with some culinary arts , before publishing do change the default form name and the metadata , for a good aesthetics. 



I was lucky that my kind friends told me a few suggestions and bugs which I corrected. After their green flag, share it with the world on your social media or website and get your responses.

Sharing on social media

Marinate:  Wait for the feedback

Now that everything was done, I was waiting for the responses and so much in the excitement that I kept refreshing the page to see the number of responses pouring in.

I know sounds strange that after everything is done, now we have to marinate because this is a special recipe.

Also the more time you leave it for marination, the merrier it will be 🙂


And in the meantime, while we are waiting for the results, here is the surveys form I created for reference : 


Deciphering the results:

How to define your target audience?


Being a content creator, I needed to know who are my content consumers, hence the questions I added in the survey was around people and their content consumption behaviour.


Now, although I should have added a multiple-choice in the cities but since my audience is from different parts of the world, I added a long text option and along with this the language they speak because we all know that a way to your audience is when you speak their lingo, they connect and relate well.


Also another interesting fact, all my audience uses mobiles to consume content 🙂


Questions like what do they do as soon as they wake up give me an idea on how active audience they are, and a way to add good news through a story in their morning notifications as most people said, which I got to know through the following

What time do they love to consume content and which platform are they most active, would help me a lot in scheduling my content at the right time when my audience is consuming it. Because as they say strike the iron when it’s hot!

Another thing that would help me is knowing the gender and marital status, which would help me add tips for active seekers 😉 I did not add the age column as that I can very well guess from the marital status 😉 See I am a bit smart that way 😀


And the most important aspect for me, is what platforms they are most active on and which kind of content do they enjoy the most? This was a revelation indeed!

The Ultimate Revelation

Unveiling the Ideal Customer Avatar

So Finally Ladies & Gentlemen, hold your breath cause now I know who my Ideal Customer Avatar is :

  • A married aspirational workaholic (because i visited each respondent’s profile to know the person better) 

  • who lives in Delhi , Mumbai & Bangalore i.e mainly metro cities in India ,

  • loves speaking Hindi mainly.

  • Does not like to wake up to mobile notifications ,

  • and is mainly a content consumer than a creator

  • enjoys lifestyle and fitness content the most along with technology , motivation, travel and comedy as well

  •  vlogs , blogs stories and memes are consumed the most having appealing content and videos

  • on watsapp, facebook, instagram and Youtube  between 8pm to 10pm

  • loves to shop and travel which means they would acknowledge respective content ,

  • seeking happiness and motivation to achieve goals in life.


Phew!! can’t tell you how relieved I feel, aisa lag raha hai jaise koi khazana mil gaya ho, Kaise bayan Karu ye Khushi 🙂

Learning something new is always nirvana to the soul!


Key Takeaways:

     Tips & Tricks from the activity

  • – Remember to keep the survey crisp
  • – Open and close the survey with a brief agenda and thanks to the respondent for their time, after all, he/she is your valuable customer.
  • – Don’t forget to make a bit interesting and engaging
  • – Simple relatable questions that would give maximum coverage to your agenda
  • – Try to formulate questions that you can get great inferences and insights
  • – Avoid irrelevant and too personal questions unless very much needed. In such cases, as a courtesy, do add an option to skip a question(s)
  • – Take the results with a pinch of salt
  • – Above all, patience and diligence need to be your catalyst throughout the process
  • – A great tip would be to capture contact details to savour for email marketing
  • – Try & test before publishing
  • – Share first to close mates for a pair of good eyes for any extra suggestions
  • – Try to capture 70-80 percent responses from your consumer base to get a good insight
  • – Do add logical jumps to save mutual time
  • – Formulate a mind map/ logical map/ flowchart to keep a track of the sequence
  • – Add a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions
  • – Avoid making each question mandatory
  • – Most people hate describing so stick to get short answers or one-word answers
  • – Do add shareable links in the end so that people can share with relevant people
  • – It’s important to add All of the above, others none of the above as an option to multiple-choice questions
  • – To edit your metadata before sharing the form URL
  • – Any changes made in the forms post publishing are dynamically updated
  • – Add your brand persona to the survey and try to drop hints to make people stumble or stalk your work!!

Hope these tips help you 🙂


Now a piece of good news was, that most respondents love to watch and read my content, which is such a bliss, and I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight after this out of happiness.


But hey! , if you have not yet joined the bandwagon of Ohh-so-me-ness, then please do and let’s stay connected.

And in case, you are already part of my family, it would mean a lot if you could spend few minutes in the survey form, so that I can know you better and serve better content every day.










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