Before you tie the knot , you need an Engagement

There was a time when I used to feel that there are people (even idols) who have huge fan following, who are asked for interviews and other speaking engagements. Their work sure was great and creative but the stats of their followers was kind of daunting for a new person. But I was lucky to have still followed my passion. It drove me and acted as my guiding compass. I cared less about the number of followers I had but I was more focused on the content that my existing followers get from my blog. Hoping, eventually this would lead to the safest (free as well) mode of marketing – Word of Mouth.


The Realization


Over Time , I realized, not all people had the same attitude towards their fears. I realized a lot of my friends stopped blogging, posting videos on their YouTube Channel, etc. And that is when I thought that I might not be the best blogger yet ,but I can still create a platform/ a section on my blog that introduces and showcases the work of these budding Entrepreneurs who actually love what they do but don’t have the resources to buy followers or proper contacts that can help them grow.

Rendezvous with Creativeness

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Rather than just sitting over this thought, I decided to act on it. I contacted a few people, got the interviews scheduled with a few such entrepreneurs and it still is very hard for me to explain in words how the experience was. Earlier what impressed me and at the same time induced fear in me ..was the fan following of famous bloggers, YouTubers etc. But after a few interviews with budding Entrepreneurs I got the same astonishing feeling, looking at how a single person could perform so many tasks that are generally performed by a group of people.It’s so rightly said, how people now are getting into the statistics of inorganic reach! Most of you might feel that I would have a different perspective if I was a celebrity blogger but I still feel there is a lot more creativity that needs to come out. I personally feel that all the platforms are biased towards people who are famous. Their videos and posts are always on the topmost searches.

Content is King

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  • I know that this is for the consumers who need the best content but is this way good enough?
  • Will the people with most followers always have the best content?
  • Is it logical for new entrepreneurs who have great skills and content to be showcased at the 4th or 5th or even 100th page?
  • What if as a consumer I wanted to look for new talent on a particular topic?
  • What if as a consumer I wanted to give my project to a new person who has the zeal to perform?
  • Is there a platform that helps me find such talent easily to collaborate with?

The BIG Picture

creative entrepenuer.jpeg
Courtesy: Abhijit Bhaduri from Linkedin

The answer to so many questions has been dicey, but platforms still work on following and reach figures and no matter how good you may be, unless you attain those figures , you may or may not reach the zenith. Trust me there are so many people who fear to leave their creativity as they are caught in a dichotomy of mixed emotions and fears. They don’t have anyone to guide them or show the real picture.


Well, We Now Do… its my idea which I started called CreativEntrepreneurs which will help you network, collaborate , showcase your creativity and unleash your portfolio without bothering of the number of followers and reach you have! India is a land of diverse creativity and when we all club together , it would be a chain reaction of ideas. Creativity should never be preceded with a period , rather it should go on exponentially. I don’t know how much of a difference , I could make ,but if it could kickstart someone’s motto, move forward and never look back would definitely bring me a smile 🙂

Lets unravel the CreativEntrepreneurs and make every impediment a milestone to success! I have been working on this since 1 year… finally launching the section on my blog and social media. That’s what has been keeping me busy all this while. Documenting , meeting people and interacting with them, knowing their dilemmas and hurdles.


Connect with Me

So if you are good at anything creative , niche , domain , age is no bar…and are doing it independently or with the help of your near and dear ones, do not know how and where to showcase , or wish to experiment your startup idea , write in to me at EMAIL or via and from my small blog screen will try to share it.

Who knows this sharing spree will lead to a chain reaction and pollinate your potential for everyone to see 🙂

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Delhi’s Biggest Bloggers Carnival

Markitiers in association with Delhi Pedia and Events Mosaic has successfully hosted the second edition of Delhi’s biggest Bloggers carnival on 4th February at Founders café. The event was powered by Global Gadgets and co-powered by Blossom Kochhar. Edumorf, ED times, Insider, Imagine, Ishquiya, Sanghvi, Rossano Ferretti, Spoon University were our official partners. Merry Kaufer was our styling partner. The entire concept of the meet was to provide all the aspiring bloggers with an opportunity to learn and enhance their blogging skills from the experience and wisdom of some of the most renowned bloggers of the town. Prominent bloggers like Aakriti Jaiswal, sahib singh, Gursakhi Lugani, Taleha Khan, Anuj tikku and Tushar mangl had featured at the event. The attendees of the event were indeed benefited by the sessions taken by such aspiring personalities on different aspects of blogging and taking it as a full time career option. The vision of the meet was to form a bloggers community.

The meet also witnessed the launch of the much awaited product, Events Mosaic- ‘One stop solution to all your event problems’. It is an event discovery and logistic application with a vision to build an event organizers community globally and also assist its development and growth. It is designed to cater to the needs of all the stakeholders involved in organizing a successful event. Events mosaic has undertaken the task of acting as a binding force of all the diverse elements of the industry. It will act as a linking chain of all the segments of the industry.

About the team:

  1. Oshikka Lumb-Oshikka is a women entrepreneur with a strong and bold vision. She is the founder of Markitiers and managing director of Events mosaic. She is currently working on her book titled, ‘And she decided not to give up’.
  2. Mr. Manan Bhalla-Manan is an engineer by profession. He is the CEO of events mosaic. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship and had left his well reputable job in a major IT company to pursue his passion.
  3. Ankush Kumar-He is a very hardworking and dedicated person. He is the director of Events mosaic.


    All of them are inspired by Steve jobs and believe in his saying that one should follow their gut more than anything else.

    In the end, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all our sponsors and media partners. The event would have not been such a big success without their support. It was our please to host you all. Thank you for coming.



    Team Markitiers

And…She Decided Not to Give Up!

The title of this post is something that we all would co-relate to. 

Some or the other time in life , we have been faced with odd situations and decided not to give up!

I tell u , when in times we hit our lowest toleration levels by life , sometimes stranded alone and when we desperately need someone by our side , but we are sequestered…this is the time we should befriend books.

Especially stories that are relatable or self-help books that hug us and motivate us to get back on track.

Few months ago , I met a wonderful soul… Ms. OSHIKKA LUMB , Founder of Markitiers. I got a chance to meet her at the Delhi’s biggest bloggers meet ,organised by her.

Ok , hold your breath she is also CEO of Events Mosaic and CMO at EduMorf.

Woaah!! More Power to you!

Her energy reminded me of my school/college days when I used to be on my toes in organising events and craving to make them successful.

It’s not easy to be an independent entrepenuer at such a young age.You can see the passion and the zeal in this power packed person.

Little did I know that she has a story , that am sure each one should read and charge up to stand on their feet and BYOB!

Am anxiously waiting for February 2018 when its her authored book ” And…she decided not to give up!” …is all set to release.

All the Best Oshikka , Umm…Shhh… am not a thief but so intrigued to steal it and read it before anyone else can 😀

Chai and Khana

I came across this today …you made me nostalgic…thanks a tonne for mentioning me..and since am walking down memory lanes…its time to meet soon 🙂

Parwatisingari's Weblog

It was one of those days..

I was sheathing at having to drink terrible coffee at an unnamed station – instead of the comforting Deja Brew of Coffea Robusta at Ram Bhavan (our sanskari Drone’s club). It was time to declare war.

This required great planning, and everyone in the world and her husband knows that it takes the second shot of Robusta to bring out the ideas. Well there was no way out, so I had to unplug my laptop, plug in the travel coffee maker and brew the Bru just the way I like it.

Call it synchronicity, with the coffee in Indiblogger sent an invite for the #WeBlogAcademy… out of shear curiosity I took my grade test, and guess what I cleared the intermediate and was eligible for the advanced. Still one does not take chances in a war, so it was intermediate for me.

I divorced…

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Happy Wali Diwali :)

Happy Diwali! The very word fills me with excitement and happiness!

How often I phrase a happy moment to be like Diwali!


A festival of lights that marks the return of Lord Ram from the 14 year long journey of turmoils back to Ayodhya, brings loads of happiness and celebration across the country… people exchange gifts and decorate their houses.

Speaking of which don’t we all smear colors and draw beautiful Rangoli’s at the entrance of our houses??

Am sure we all did the same at our workplaces too. So like every year I too tried out my hand at making Rangoli.

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The Mobility Series #TMS : Overview

The Mobility Series #TMS : Overview


The modern day world has gone Tic Tac Tech. We are surrounded by Gadgets & Gizmos.The #hastags are the new on trend.The market is flooded with devices of all sizes and configurations.A simple touch and you are connected to a whole new world.The plethora of technology does not end here.Perhaps you own the best of the gadget today loaded with the best of the app, and tomorrow it would turn obsolete. The key about our technology world is to be spontaneous and have the ability to cross the 9 3/4 platform that is visible and accessible to you.The magic of which , the universe can see , but always be landed in a curiosity drive as in how did it happen?
You have to be the #wizard , in sync with the technology trend and blend the gray matter of your brain to toggle ideas.

The classification of these gadgets is in itself a broad spectrum that will leave you asking for more. You would come across dynasties of variations and flavors.Lets focus on the Mobile World.
I would sound cliche , if I had to illustrate the indispensability of this gadget available in oodles around.A gadget that no one has been spared of.I call it THE TECHNOLOGY OXYGEN. Ponder upon it for once!

Yes , it is the sustained of life . You wake up to the sound the alarm call set in your mobile overnight.Some even use it as Personal Digital Assistant.Maybe you would not brush your teeth , but check your social media apps and catch up with the updates.Who has the time to sit and turn on a laptop or PC and wait to get connected.We are on a marathon.We are on a fast pace. Certainly to make sure everything is synchronous , everything has to be in place.

In other words , we need superior QUALITY in the niche of time. We need the mobile apps to be totally perfect.Thus, giving the end user a happy experience. Now, let’s get all the jigsaw pieces together and solve the riddle:

Piece#1: A Software Engineer
Does it click? Clubbing them.Well it implies for a BUG FREE mobile application.
An acronym of which I have derived, MOBILE + QUALITY = MOBILITY.


That’s what we all want , MOBILITY on the go!

Let’s roll the red carpet for the #TMS series where we explore the world of Mobile Apps Testing starting from the scratch.This is a QUALITY ASSURANCE journey into the mobile world!

Stay Tuned!


As the festive week flutters it’s wings and we enter the Diwali Week, I was all pepped up in the #happy spirits!

Ready to float in the week with some chirpy stuff..but as soon as I woke up and checked Facebook notifications, and scrolled down the timeline posts , my eyes caught sight to a trending hashtag! #MeToo!

Going through it , just spoiled my mood and made me realize that the dormant volcano of something that always induces fears inside us was getting active.

Now I have a habit of doing research and going through the Root Analysis before I can hit publish on my blog post so that I can counter check on my findings.

Today this research ,just appalled me , cause #MeToo is getting so viral and flooding the social media , but guess what it represents…that most of us have been a victim of assault some or the other time in our lives.

I wouldn’t however say that its country or gender specific, rather one common factor that has knit it all has been whipping off the illusion of freedom with the holocaust of  misfortune!

Yes #MeToo runs around women who across the world are  showing they have been #harassed and #assaulted. But the counter has been rising high and high just sending you chills down your spine.


Just Facebook , one source of social media shows an alarming number, in just few hours of the #MeToo being viral.


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