As the festive week flutters it’s wings and we enter the Diwali Week, I was all pepped up in the #happy spirits!

Ready to float in the week with some chirpy stuff..but as soon as I woke up and checked Facebook notifications, and scrolled down the timeline posts , my eyes caught sight to a trending hashtag! #MeToo!

Going through it , just spoiled my mood and made me realize that the dormant volcano of something that always induces fears inside us was getting active.

Now I have a habit of doing research and going through the Root Analysis before I can hit publish on my blog post so that I can counter check on my findings.

Today this research ,just appalled me , cause #MeToo is getting so viral and flooding the social media , but guess what it represents…that most of us have been a victim of assault some or the other time in our lives.

I wouldn’t however say that its country or gender specific, rather one common factor that has knit it all has been whipping off the illusion of freedom with the holocaust of  misfortune!

Yes #MeToo runs around women who across the world are  showing they have been #harassed and #assaulted. But the counter has been rising high and high just sending you chills down your spine.


Just Facebook , one source of social media shows an alarming number, in just few hours of the #MeToo being viral.


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