#Mannchala : A creative Indian Startup , passionately curating home decor

We all are aware of the term.. #Mannchala… literally it means following your mind…

Perhaps a group of young minds decided to ditch the regular life and put their passion into practice and thus began the journey of #Mannchala..


How did I came to know about them??

Well this is by a dear friend who put his heart and soul into this project.As Diwali is just round the corner…and I know still people like me have been Garfield-ish due to the hectic weekly schedule that going out and selecting the finest decor and then arranging it at home, becomes a tedious task.Ask me , I have been pushing such kind of stuff till the last moment always,because my mind doesn’t stop with ideas and my lazy bum makes me just think…think..think!!

A tangled ball of Christmas lights


So my best buddy of all time Google comes to the rescue and I decide to see some decor online.My…My!! Whatever I liked seemed the prices to be whooping high! Definitely am not gonna pay that hell lot of amount!



Gladly while talking to my friend from #Mannchala coincidentally last week , I came to know about their amazing line up from Happiness Jars or Nani ki berni, Shagun ki potli, Jamuni curves lamp shades etc that took my heart away.

Now came the price part and to my surprise it was at a very pocket friendly price.




Not only I can use them at Diwali or festivities but otherwise also .





Be it day or night they have their own charm.I see this beautiful lamp hanging from my ceiling and I wouldn’t want to take it off. It makes my room beautiful , my interiors awestruck.



That’s when I decided to mention this astounding #mannchala on my blog.Because I want my blog to cater to everyone’s needs and make them aware of every best possible thing I come across.img-20161020-wa0028.jpg

So a little background history …

img-20161020-wa0023.jpgMannchala is a venture of some young and fresh heads who sat together and brought up the idea of bringing back all the “desi” traditions in quite innovative way that would not just decorate the homes, but also decorate your lives. Rather than running towards for foreign antiques and products to make your homes look impressive, they had decided to boost up our Indian economy by presenting you the best of everything that has evolved and genuinely crafted keeping every simple and single “desi” thing in mind. Right from “Neelpankh” lampshades to “Jaamuni Curves,Naani ki Berni”,Rang-Birangi Baatli”.


Everything would take you back to our roots…our desi Indian roots and I am sure you will have a smile on your face and not only that you would be the reason for many smiles , when you would be gifting these products to your loved ones.



Their aim is to give opportunity to every single individual who believes in keeping handicrafts and artistic traditions alive. We are working day to day with the team who is behind Mannchala .Valuing their customers and their colleagues altogether like a robust team. Right from Order to production till delivery , every single hand involved in and at any point of time to make the product the best and to provide the satisfactory customer experience deserve the gratitude and equal share of appreciation that they are getting from all the corners.


There are women who make “Bernis” and wax for us , there are men who make raw bags and threads for us, the maids who work in homes of society are also involved in giving their time and interest in crafting the products. They have their creative heads who give their hundred percent and spend time in thinking and innovations for every single post and update that relay regarding their products and at last but not the least that they have you…yes you the esteemed customers, whom we consider a part of Mannchala family and expect nothing but your love and support.









Hence, Mannchala mann khichta hai inke products ki oor… I would like to mention my favourite Nani ki Berni


Remember the good old childhood days, when Nani maa used to save the favourite pickles and marmalades, we used to savour in those berni’s or jars. These remind me of those good old days.

img-20161020-wa0009.jpg img-20161016-wa0015.jpg img-20161020-wa0025.jpgimg-20161020-wa0017.jpg











If you would have followed me on my social media and my blog, you would know how much I am a avid follower of all Indian creative minds and startups because it takes a whole lot of effort to bring the final product on the table. Hence #Mannchala has gotta be on my wishlist always.

So this Diwali or any time of the year , you have any home decor demand, just give #Mannchala your command and you would have it delivered at your doorstep.


#Mannchala can be connected via facebook and email.

Also check out their ad exclusively made by me on my new youtube channel.

So this Diwali, lets make the world a beautiful place to live in,and start by decorating your home. That’s what even #Mannchala has to say.

Coloured lights

Happy Diwali and whole week of festivities 🙂

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